Olives and Diamonds

Articlenumber: 6160003

Olives and Diamonds, a bold mixture of olive wood and black brunished carbon steel. Its symbolic character combines longevity and peace with invincibility and a touch of luxury. The DOVO Olives and Diamonds razor set embodies the multifactedness of humankind and nature, as we love it. Each DOVO Diamant straight razor features an individual olive wood grain and expresses pronounced character with its black brunished, gold-decorated 5/8” blade.

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125820211 DOVO Diamant 5/8" straight razor
33001381 Shaving brush, olive wood
34090021 Shaving soap bowl, olive wood
35010001 Straight razor care oil 10 ml
35050102 Leatherbalm, white, 50 ml
50102 OSMA haemostatic pencil, 12 g


Your shaving begins with stropping on a leather strop. After you have generously coated your face with shaving lather or shaving oil, grab the blade so that the open handle points away from you. With your free hand, gently hold your skin to form as straight a surface as possible. You set the blade at about 30° angle and smoothly pull it down over your face. First, start going with the hair, and then finish by going against the growth direction.


Most straight razors are made of carbon steel. To avoid stains, rinse your blade with warm water after shaving. Next, dab it dry with a cloth without touching the cutting edge and stow it open to dry completely. Between two applications there should be at least 48 hours so that the burr can realign itself. If you are not going to use your razor for a longer period of time, apply a bit of acid-free oil to it. You can find more information here.

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