DOVO Straight Razor 116 Forestal

Articlenumber: 1165831

The 5/8 inch 116 Forestal straight razor bears its name due to its exquisite details on the blade and back. In addition to its polished silk-matt redwood handle, the straight razor has a carbon blade that perfectly combines sharpness and thoroughness thanks to its round point and full hollow grind.

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Scope Of Supply

Metalbox blau


Carbon steel 1.2210, 24k gold-plated

Handle Material


Product Details

Round point, biconcave profile, both-sided ribbed tang


Full Hollow ground

Blade width



15.8 cm x 2.5 cm x 1 cm


Cardboard packaging


This straight razor is made of carbon steel with the material number 1.2210, better known as silver steel. In order to achieve a hardness of approximately 61 HRC, the material is heated to over 1000 degrees celsius and then immediately quenched with a special oil. The subsequent tempering at about 200 degrees celsius gives the blade elasticity and toughness. The ornaments are beautifully gold-plated with 24 karat gold.

Handle Material

Redwood is perfect for the production of a straight razor handle. This natural material is hard enough to keep its shape even in a humid environment, and it can be sanded and polished with great precision and accuracy. The silk-matte polished wood provides a unique play of eye-catching colours.


During hollow grinding, the straight razor is ground concavely from the back to the cutting edge. This design combines great flexibility with high torsional rigidity in longitudinal form. Enjoy the satisfying sound and feel of a gentle shave from the vibration of the razor blade trimming your facial hair.

Product Details

The round point is the classic shape for a razor and is suitable in most shaving situations. This type of point has been very popular for centuries, as the curved shape can be used very safely in the areas of the ears, nose, and dimples. Even in the event of a fall, the rounded head protects you from injuries.

Blade Width

5/8 inch razors are truel all-rounders and can do any wet shaving task with flying colours. The blade is relatively heavy and can therefore glide gently over your skin without great pressure. At the same time, it is still nimble enough to manage even more technically demanding passages around the nose, ears, and chin.


Your shaving begins with stropping on a leather strop. After you have generously coated your face with shaving lather or shaving oil, grab the blade so that the open handle points away from you. With your free hand, gently hold your skin to form as straight a surface as possible. You set the blade at about 30° angle and smoothly pull it down over your face. First, start going with the hair, and then finish by going against the growth direction.


Most straight razors are made of carbon steel. To avoid stains, rinse your blade with warm water after shaving. Next, dab it dry with a cloth without touching the cutting edge and stow it open to dry completely. Between two applications there should be at least 48 hours so that the burr can realign itself. If you are not going to use your razor for a longer period of time, apply a bit of acid-free oil to it. You can find more information here.

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