DOVO Pedicure Nipper 10630

Articlenumber: 10630006

The DOVO 10630 moon head nipper is characterized by its angled cutting edges. This makes it possible to manage toenail care with a much more comfortable hand posture. The tapered shape allows even fine work on problem areas to be carried out comfortably. This end cutter is also suitable for professional use.

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Scope Of Supply



Matt finished stainless steel 1.4021

Product Details

Moon head nipper, angled edge


DOVO hand-sharpened


14 cm x 4.9 cm x 1.3 cm


Plastic outer packaging


The model is made of stainless steel with the steel grade 1.4021. This modern metal alloy is particularly recommended for professional use as it can withstand frequent sterilization and disinfection without corrosion. The matte surface provides the user with a firm grip and supports sustained precision work.


DOVO nippers go through a variety of production steps before they are ready for use as high-quality manicure or pedicure instruments. In order to achieve the most precise results, this model has been hand-sharpened by an experienced craftsman. This ensures maximum accuracy when finishing the complex cutting edge and tip.

Product Details

With this design, the razor blade rests directly on the open comb. While shaving, the tooth of the open comb guides hair and soap directly to the razor blade. This type of design is particularly advantageous for long hair and strong beard growth as the blade head won’t be blocked by cut hair or lather.


The care of finger and toenails usually begins with the trimming of the nails. For this, you can either use the nail scissors or nail clippers. With cuticle scissors or nippers, you gently trim your cuticle. The cuticle pusher can also be used here. Last but not least you file sharp corners and edges round again with the finishing file and enjoy your expertly-groomed nails!

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