DOVO Beard Care Set 575

Articlenumber: 575056

Whether a moustache, goatee, or full beard, we at DOVO love all beards! That's why we have paid close attention to the wishes of our bearded customers when putting together the DOVO 575 beard care kit. Here you will find everything you need for shaving, cutting, trimming, and combing so that your beard is always well-groomed and stylish!

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12.7 cm x 9.7 cm x 3 cm


Carton box


The MERKUR 23C comes in a sleek leather case complete with ten MERKUR SUPER blades. This safety razor is famous for giving users a close, gentle shaving experience. We’ve also included the DOVO beard and nose hair scissors. Trim your beard hair and maintain a tidy, classy appearance with ease. You use the comb daily to clean and shape your beard.


First, you should wash your face with warm water. This opens the pores and makes shaving easier. Start by generously coating your skin with shaving lather. Give the lather 5 minutes to soften the beard hair. Then, you set your safety razor at an angle of 30 - 45° and guide it over your face without pressure. To free the razor head from cut hair, simply hold it under the tap every few strokes.


The care of a safety razor is very easy. After use, simply wash out the razor thoroughly and remove lather residue and cut hair. A nail brush and a hair shampoo or dish soap help with stubborn dirt. Lastly, dry it with a towel and it’s ready to go for your next shave. When changing razor blades, check all of the parts for a tight fit. You can find more information here.

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