DOVO Beard Scissors 43 Moustache

Articlenumber: 43450

The DOVO 43 beard and moustache scissors in nickel-plated carbon steel are the perfect tool to get your beard back in shape! The blade length is deliberately kept short for easy handling and the most accurate cuts possible. The micro serration ensures that every beard hair is grasped and cut off cleanly.

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Scope Of Supply



Nickel-plated carbon steel C45

Product Details

Flush-grinded scissors tips


DOVO hand-ground, micro serrated


11.4 cm x 4.5 cm x 0.6 cm


Plastic outer packaging


The MERKUR FUTUR is manufactured using the zinc die-casting process. Here, a zinc alloy is pressed into a mould under high pressure. We chose this method because it creates instruments with maximum precision and refinement. The galvanic coating protects the safety razor from corrosion and gives it its unique appearance.


These DOVO scissors have been micro-serrated on one side by hand. By grinding the scissor blade on a rubber plate, fine serrations are created. This structure prevents hair, beard hair, fingernails, or cuticles from slipping off the cutting edge. This results in outstandingly precise and secure cuts.

Product Details

For hair and beard scissors, the construction with flush-ground scissor tips has proven to be particularly advantageous. The scissor points are flattened rather than pointed at the front. This minimizes the risk of injury and is recommended when using scissors in the facial area.


In order that your DOVO scissors can serve you well for a long time, you should periodically check the tightness of the screw and retighten it if necessary. Carbon steel scissors will not rust if you dry them thoroughly after use. You can easily oil them a little if necessary. Please always have scissors reground by us or a specialist!

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